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The Revere Story

On April 18, 1775, Paul Revere was one of three men who set out of Boston to warn the colonial minutemen of the impending moves of the British Army. And while Revere rode fewer miles than the other men that set out that night, he was very effective at using unconventional techniques to deliver his message. It was Revere who arranged for the use of lanterns to alert the colonialists of the British troop movements with the now famous: “One if by Land and Two if by Sea.”

Revere also made sure he was delivering his message to the right people – people who would use the information to get the desired results. In addition to personally delivering the message to Samuel Adams and John Hancock, many of the people Revere spoke to set out on horseback themselves to amplify Revere’s message and deliver the warnings. Revere made sure his message was viral – spreading from person to person.

The Revere Strategy Group, LLC was founded on many of the same principles. Revere specializes in creatively using the latest technology to strategically deliver your message to your target audiences.